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27/04/2018 · Pinky Winky is an H. paniculata cultivar that prolifically bears 12- to 16-inch long flowers. The blooms begin white and eventually turn bi-color, with areas that darken to pink. One of the easiest hydrangeas to care for, Pinky Winky isn't particular about soil or climate and isn't as water-dependent as its cousin, the mophead. 11/05/2012 · The nursery I visited recently in Wilton, NH had a nice variety of hydrangeas ready to buy. With the exception of the tree variety hydrangea, all were together under a greenhouse dome and there were many to choose from the first of this week. I couldn't resist getting this Pinky Winky hydrangea Paniculata and I. Pinky Winky has an unusual name, and an even more unusual flower. The large panicles open white in mid-to-late summer, turning to pink as the season progresses, for a two-toned effect. This hardy selection blooms every year. An outstanding specimen plant, massed in the landscape or as a cut flower. Acidic soils produce blue flowers, neutral soils produce pale cream petals, and alkaline soils result in pink or purple. Pinky Winky Hydrangea - Hydrangea paniculata 'DVPpinky'' Family: Hydrangaceae Hydran-gea: Greek for water-vessel, from shape of capsules Hydrangea is a fascinating genus of plants with remarkable diversity.

Pinky Winky ® Hydrangea Bush - Potted - Proven Winners - 4" Pot. $15.00 $7.99 You save $7.01 Hirt's Gardens. Pinky Winky ® Hydrangea Bush - Potted - Proven Winners - 4" Pot. $15.00. $7.99 You save $7.01 SKU: Spring Hydrangea Pinky Winky. Pinky Winky® Hardy Hydrangea. Hydrangea paniculata Other Details. Hydrangea Paniculata Pinky Winky can also be used to create a stunning ornamental hedge - they will grow to circa 1.4 metres high when fully grown and their long flowering time gives a wonderful display of colour from July right through to September. Buy hydrangea Pinky Winky Hydrangea paniculata Pinky-Winky 'Dvppinky' PBR - A glorious 'two-tone' flower: 2 litre pot: £19.99 Delivery by Crocus.

Pinky Winky from Proven Winners has large, open white flowers that turn pink, creating two-toned blooms. This shrub blooms every year. Soil pH does not affect bloom color. 17/09/2016 · Have just recently purchased a pinky winky panicle hydrangea in july. planted it right away and watered it regularly. It was doing fine for about a month and now it is all dried up like it was extremely stressed because of the very warm summer. I love it and hope it is not dead. “Pinky Winky” sehr ähnlich ist die Hydrangea paniculata “Pink Diamond”, deren Blüten sich im Verblühen ebenfalls zu einem sehr attraktiven Rosa verfärben. Je sonniger der Standort, desto intensiver fällt der rote Farbton aus.

Noted for its glorious flower heads, Hydrangea paniculata Pinky Winky® features massive, dense, conical, bicolored flowers, up to 12 in. 30 cm, atop strong, purplish-red stems that do not flop. Opening lime green in midsummer, the sterile florets turn white before quickly changing to deep pink as the season progresses. Held upright, the.

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